Property Name: Konan Cote D’or

Address: 1-11-16 Motoyamanakamachi, Higasinada-ku, Kobe City


Deposit:0 yen

Key money: 0 yen

Monthly rent: 32,000 yen including water charge.

CAM fee: 3,000 yen

Renewal fee: None



This is women only apartment which is located within walking distance from Konan Women’s university.  Gas cooker, which is popular among young ladies, automatic lock system and launderette are equipped within the premise.  Since it is near by the university, there are plenty of not only convenience stores and supermarkets but stylish café and restaurants within the area, which you can enjoy “Kobe” life.  As there will be a room available for a view from the end of February, why not come and see?

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Sales manager: Mika Kimura   Person in charge: Yukito Sasaki


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・物件名: 甲南コートドール

・所在地: 兵庫県神戸市東灘区本中山町1-11-16

・位  置:

・敷 金:0円

・礼 金:0円

・賃 料:32,000円













営業担当:木村美佳  責任者:佐々木志


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